Pirates Caribbean: Dead Army – Island Sword Fight

Conquer the huge island and face the ruthless pirates, destroy your foes and maneuver to dodge enemy shots. Discover different sharp swords, hidden treasures and become survival of the island and pirate war hero. Pirates Caribbean Dead Army is action packed ride of an island arena battle with the twist of ninja war combat sword fighting game, where your mission is survival among the hordes of dead army of cursed skeleton dead soldiers that have risen from the old dead ashes to take their revenge of the medieval war.

War with pirates of battle island has begun and you need to defend and expand your precious territory. Sail into the heart of the island in the Age of Piracy! The time of black flags and white skulls with huge blue waves and golden opportunities. Fight against the pirate and hunt down them in this pirate battle. Pick up your samurai and start war in Pirates Caribbean Dead Army Island Sword Fight

Engage yourself in brutal combat on the island of the seas. Become a true pirate legend by defeating your rivals. Raise your flag on the most known island of the age of piracy. Start the ultimate pirate battle, develop your own strategy for the game and leave no chances for your opponents! There is an offensive attack at you and enemies will attack suddenly, so be prepared and become a pirate superhero in pirates of war island.

This is the age of strike in the pirate war, face real time battles with enemy pirates and make your survival possible on island. Find the ultimate curse of the deadly skeleton ghosts of dark ages legendary island and complete your quest of finding treasure in the last battle arena on the islands of Caribbean. Start the heroic adventure in this survival arena game, exploring different oceans & islands! the sea by sailing to the Caribbean island of island heroes.

Features in Historic Age Sword Battle:

– Play pirate of the sea island war strike against the rivals.
– Fight with dozens of monsters and in real time battles on island.
– Multiple types of sharp swords to discover for fast action gameplay.
– Raise your flag on the ocean island and become a pirate super hero.
– Embark on awesome quests to discover swords and treasure.

Download Pirates Caribbean: Dead Army – Island Sword Fight and become the pirate in the Caribbean hunt game. You are alone in the huge island of dead people who are guarding gold and pearls treasures. End this skeletons dead army and enjoy reward of your survival.