Stickman Mafia Gangster Fight

Stickman crime aka shadow gangster is ready to fight with the police men and trample down the city. Play as a shadow mafia gangster and fight in the crime city. Join the stickman sniper club to shoot down cops and people of the city who are trying to stop you from your evil missions. Use your flying stickman ability to become a crime hero. You’re flying stickman and crime hero. Start the car theft, robbery missions! stealing and escape from the cops. In stickman crime game join the shadow crime like shadow break the prison. Use stickman rope or drive the theft cars and choose the right target, fight with the crooks roaming around. Create stickman rampage as shadow criminal warrior to kill your target like a perfect assassin. Underworld stick mafia crime is on the rise which is unbelievable as once stickman legend used to be an epic hero or escape of stick. Epic battle story of angry stickman fighter with Stickman Mafia Gangster Fight.

Gameplay in Stickman Crime Hero:

Shadow mafia gangster! Roam around the city and defeat your rivals with your outstanding combat abilities of Block, Super Punch and power Kick. Warrior stickman fighter is ready to fight with other bad guys. Flying stickman as a crime hero or shadow mafia with the gangster fight your task is to kill the stickman Russian mafia and become a real don of the crime city. Stick mafia of underworld with stick man fighting games will be hot treat for the lovers of angry stickman fighter. Get hold of your sniper gun! Shoot and kill the police man for your survival in as a shadow crime warrior. Don’t let them chase and kill you because you are angry stick gangster and fighter of 2017.

Start maximum destruction with theft and robbery missions, but make sure to protect yourself from rival damage! You are a shadow gangster in this epic war as flying stickman hero. It’s time to take control of the legend stickman hero, roam around the city like shadow fighter and create a stickman rampage or ultimate shadow rampage like an escape of criminal stickman.

Features of Stickman Fighting Games:

✓ Multiple fighting tricks like punch kicks and block with angry stick crime fighter.
✓ Amazing car theft, robbery, fights and street crime with stickman mafia gangster.
✓ shadow mafia gangster hero with epic battle to become a bigger criminal.
✓ Realistic 3D animations of robbing, shooting and fighting with stickman rope.
✓ Flying, punching and jumping features for thrill gameplay in dude games.

Play like a crime hero and start fight against the other mafia and rivals with your flying stickman or angry criminal stickman. Become a shadow mafia hero in mafia gangster competition with our Stickman Mafia Gangster Fight.