Strange Spider Hero War Girl

Start war of survival in modern futuristic era with strange spider hero war girl! Your city has been taken over by the highly advanced technology robots and aliens. The survival legend war is going on between hero war girl and evil robots and aliens in your urban legend city. You as a strange spider hero war girl fight against mutant enemies and finish the evil alien forces and robots who are on the mission to create rampage, chaos and destruction in your city. Become a spider hero girl, kill and surrendered down the evil powers with your hero war powers. The strange hero spider girl battle city is vast. Transform yourself into spider hero combat girl roam around the city in search of the aliens and metallic X ray robots who are trampling the city and causing ultimate destruction with strange hero.

This strange spider hero war girl with futuristic mech robot fighting simulator is all about legends war, and survival in the city. You have to be the strong enough to hold control your fantastic spider war girl and fight furiously with the enemy aliens and other evil robotic forces in this superhero futuristic war. Use your combat karate tools, without any weapons and modern guns in final legendary battle. This is amazing strange hero spider flying girl battle story.

It’s time to use of your super legendary combat skills of punching and kicking on these mutant metallic enemies and to bring back peace in your legend warfare city. In this superhero vs superhero war game show your super rivals your combat skills.

Start this fight for the survival and rescue the battle city for the ultimate victory. You have to win this brutal hero battle alone because this city needs your heroic combat powers as hero spider war girl. Fight for survival and join strange spider battle Start a new warfare mutant adventure in an amazing futuristic city and restore peace and become a hero girl. Join Amazing Strange Super-heroine spider girl battle and start fight against evil forces.

★★★ FEATURES in Strange Spider Hero War Girl★★★

• Intense Fighting Game-play: Ultimate warfare missions
• Many Aliens and Mutant robotic forces to fight with strange hero spider girl battle.
• Fantastic legendary hero battle animation with ultimate Punches and Kicks.
• Join epic war against rivals from all over the futuristic universe.
• Realistic sound effects and super HD 3D gameplay.