Green Flying Hero Crime Battle 2017

Green Flying Hero with amazing super powers and great skills everyone looks at you. Arrest the lawbreakers which are involved in street crime. There are lots of superhero games in the world but this green flying hero game is different from others, because your green hero explore city to help citizens, drives luxury car, ride motorbike and fly around. Green flying hero crime battle is full thrilling missions and ready to bash in the gaming world.

Play Green Flying Hero Crime Battle with wonderful story to accomplish the thrilling missions. A man has serious injured in road you have to help to reach the hospital. Ride sports bike key to deliver important documents form one place to another. A gangster irritates public so you kick the gangster and fighting thugs to protect the people in vice city. Green hero fight with dangerous super villains like bat hero, super hero, iron hero which are trying to destroy the beautiful city and kill the innocent peoples with the help of evil powers. Crime rate of grand city is on peak green hero clean the vice city with the help of ring powers, super kick and clean the evil powers from city.

Use all your fantastic power and marvelous strategy to protect the people and whole Universe. The big 3D city for green hero fight is overwhelmed by evils! strange kid hero skills would stop this rampage which trying to crush the whole universe against in the fighting of superheroes. Kill your mutant villain in this crime battle and rescue people after the strange war. Super green superhero crime avenger boy in Vegas city criminal battle is here for the lovers of green hero games.

Features of Green Ring Hero Crime City Battle:

✓ Multiple attack animations like super kick, punch and flying fight.
✓ Various city battle missions which are unmatched in any green hero game.
✓ Use jump skills and flying in the air with avenger story of green hero.
✓ Numerous evils & villain to battle with super natural ability.
✓ Amazing big city environment to explore more interesting.

Green Flying Hero Crime Battle is new superhero game while you are playing this game and enjoy the missions when you are solved. Green hero saves people from accident and gangster hitches. Thug’s mafia involves the street crime and other unpleasant activities in big city. Number of super villains to city battle against the green flying hero with Green Hero Crime Battle.

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