Super Spider: Strange Battle

In Super Spider Strange Battle the city has been captured by a super villain from the future war. Now you will play as strange hero or flying spider hero and set as city battle for survival of citizens. Become a spider army man & a super hero or a future spider at the same time. Fight as hero spider and rescue people because supervillain wants war in strange hero battle game. You have mutant super hero strange powers to rescue injured people from the frontline as a spider army. It’s time to fly and take a step into to battle zone with your mutant super spider hero with strange power in city battle and perform rescue operation and fight for spider hero survival. To become a spider hero is necessarily in city battle situation to be a strange superhero! Huge frontline environment has been given as you will play as spider army with our newest action packed battle game Super Spider Hero Survival 3D. Best action among all flying spider hero.

It’s time to use your mutant powers as 3D spider strange hero, fly over the buildings and defeat evils with all your strength and flying power! Its situation of strange war and thousands of lives are looking to you as a spider hero in final city battle. Are you ready for this responsibility as spider army? OK then go ahead and prove that you are a real strange hero! Your mutant spider strange powers will help you to save the city and people and you will be the hero for sure. Step into the new war and fight for the world!

As a spider army all the people look up to you & believe in your mutant spider powers as strange hero in this new war in future city battle. Rescue people with your flying power! Fight for the freedom of the city and create history as super spider. You can move on the buildings or roofs of a rope! Jump into the super battle now like you are a real hero. Help of your spider hero in mutant battle with strange power rescue every injured from the frontline. Now take a part in a battle that will decide the outcome of humanity in spider hero battle game.

Features of Super Spider Strange Battle

– Real war super spider hero! Perform your rescue duty.
– Action-filled battle & rescue missions, unseen in other strange hero battle games.
– Fight as future spider and take into as strange war hero in Flying spider city battle game.
– Epic battles with evils of the universe & supervillains of the future.

City battle of super spider has just begun!! Download now Super Spider Strange Battle and be a part of real strange war with your mutant powers as a flying spider hero.

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