City Prison Sniper Survival Hero FPS Shooter

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Jail Criminals with City Prison Sniper Survival Hero the FPS shooter, thrilling action game. Perform your duty in the most sensitive jail of the mafia city. The most dangerous criminals, mafia and gangsters are trying to escape from the prison in this jailbreak game. In city sniper survival you are permitted to take action against these drug dealers, mafia gangsters and other dangerous criminals (The Monster Criminals) if they are trying to break the jail and escape away. These evil terrorists are trying for prison escape to fly for their survival. You have this golden chance to become a sniper hero with City Prison Sniper Survival Hero – FPS Shooter best sniper shooting games 2017.

The jail prisoner sniper shooting game will give you chance to become real hero cop in jail; whose duty is to stop these crooks to break prison and make sure to crime city remains safe. It’s time hold your gun and aim on the culprits in jail to stop them prom prison escape and you are going to be a new hero cop in this job. You are the one of police criminals’ sniper shooter to shoot offenders if they are trying for jailbreak. In this sniper FPS shooting and prison escape game you will playing as police hero cop and also a professional sniper shooter at the same time.

★★★ Game Play ★★★

The crooks are in jail, they are trying to confuse and drive your attention by fighting with each other to help their friends to escape from jail. these dangerous criminals can cross all limits, they can stab your policeman friend to break prison and escape. As mafia and gangsters have a huge network outside the city jail, their friends may attack on jail to help their terrorists friends to escape from prison. you must be ready for any kind of unwanted action from these crooks. shoot them with your sniper rifle to become the cop hero in this prison break game.

★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES Jail Criminals Police Sniper★★★

• Play as prison sniper survival hero of the City
• Eliminate Prisoners & City Gangsters
• Thrill of Playing in prison sniper games.
• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay
• Aim, Shoot and Take out Head-shots with FPS shooter.
• Achievements to Unlock & Showcase your Progress

The city is crowded with criminals and inmates. Stop the drug dealers and kill robbers with your precision sniper shooting skills. The city war has begun in this ultimate war shooter strike against the mafia world. Download now City Prison Sniper Survival Hero – FPS Shooter and become a modern prison sniper.