Cyborg Ninja Hero vs Super Villains

Cyborg hero back in action with ultimate kung fu ninja super hero powers and epic combo fights against crime city villains. In the Vegas city cyborg hero vs super villains you are hero to fight with gangsters and super villains robots because there is a danger to live and survive. City is under the strike of and superhuman aliens invaded the city. Use your ninja fight strategies as cyborg ninja superhero, stop the crime and start rescue missions after the destruction. Big alien monsters, mafia, thugs, and criminal gangsters are ruling over the Vegas City. Make strategy against these villains of the Vegas and be a cyborg avenger hero and make the survival possible. Kick all gangs out from the crime city with super ninja cyborg strategies. In grand superhero cyborg ninja take out supervillains, thugs, and mobs with your awesome kungfu superpower. Cyborg Ninja Hero vs Super Villains is a fusion of action, RPG, and adventure.

Encounter dangerous scenarios in the streets and roads of your city as cyborg kung fu ninja hero. Complete your crime battle with this super hero vs super villains and fight head-to-head with the urban mafia in this superhero fighting game. Face immortal powers in the ring battle and assault them with your storming attack. In cyborg hero vs crime battle city, time to use surprise attacks complex tactical exercises and the many sneaky tricks your ultimate rivals have in store for you, destroy enemy monster and gangster of crime town. This city battle began to terrorize the city and you like a cyborg ninja survival hero decided to save your city. Be a city crime fighter rescue with the super cyborg ninja crime battle with cyborg super hero vs super villains.

Cyborg war hero strike & escape survival game is all about kung fu fighting with the criminals & super villains squad while rescuing the citizens attack. Begin a desperate cyborg ninja superhero just survive to stand among the living in this high action simulator survival game. Save the humans on earth in the art of ultimate ninja fight survival. Kill leagues of mafia gangster and win city crime battle with your cyborg survival super hero. So are you ready to be a hero of the crime city? Use your fantastic blustering cyborg warrior power and super marvelous plans for the assault of grand gangs.

Features in Cyborg Ninja Hero vs Super Villains:

???? Ultra realistic Vegas city crime environment with cyborg hero gangster battle.
???? Amazing super fight & karate ninja fighting with alien robots.
???? Incredible visuals & smooth controls of cyborg war hero.
???? Epic combos for fighting with criminals & challenging missions.
???? Story of cyborg hero vs super villains.
???? Multi cyborg hero & flying cyborg rampage powers.

Complete your city battle fighting, survival and cyborg rescue mission in limited time. Download now Cyborg Ninja Hero vs Super Villains! Start the urban super fight against deadly robots and criminal gangsters.