Iron Hero Avenger Legend of City

Iron Hero Avenger: Legend of City is best action game you may have ever experienced. You can become a city legend by showing your extreme rescue skills. Being an Avenger Iron Hero it’s your duty to fight and hunt the criminals, gangsters and evil robots from the city. Download and impersonate your favorite superhero. Iron Hero Avenger is based upon iron suited avenger in battle against gangsters and saving city people. Fly as Iron Super Hero Avenger to keep the city at peace and do not let criminals escape in Iron Hero Avenger survival battle.
It’s high time that you transform yourself into Flying Avenger Super Hero and use your special fire and attacking power to fight and kill city criminals and gangsters around. You have to fight & kill criminals with the help of laser fire power, guns and top of the line ammunition. Reach your target flying with amazing high-speed and precision in order to protect city people from fire and accidents created by insurgents in the city. You’ll save the city to become Super Hero Avenger – Legend of City. Taking part to end the disturbance and crime from the city you get power-ups by simply exploring the city around. Be more vigilant in eliminating gangsters as Iron Hero Avenger and City Legend, save people caught up in accidents and fire. Stop blazing buildings by supernatural water power to keep the city infrastructure intact. Complete the number of amazing and exciting missions to keep up with the expectations of the city people.

Game Play:
This is one off experience of flying as Iron Hero Avenger: Legend of City standing against the criminals in this amazing action filled fighting thriller game. You have unlimited powers to kill the criminals roaming around the city and making insurgency in the city with the help of evil gangsters and robots. You have to face fierce gun shooters, snipers sitting on skyscrapers ready to hunt you down. You have to devise a strategy to tackle them with iron hands. You are given total control to unleash a superhero inside yourself as Iron Hero Avenger and get your enemies to ground by efficient attacking and striking with super lasers beams and bullets and do not tolerate the rivals to strike back.

Simultaneously, you have to save the innocent city people from gang attacks and war criminal insurgents.

Iron Hero Avenger: Legend of City Game Features:
Realistic Physics and animations
Fly and fight as a real iron avenger superhero
Jump and climb high to cover the larger distances
Run fast to hit your enemies hard and with super precision
Supercool controls and maneuvers
Exciting missions
Use your superpowers like laser fire, fighting as city legend
Challenging fighting & flying rescue

It’s time to play flying Survive and Rescue Iron Hero Avenger game and perform your survival duties and missions. Download Iron Hero Avenger: Legend of City!