Last Elite Battleground Survival

Last Elite Battleground: Survival is a typical survival shooter game! You are last survival in the huge battleground at the end of world war. Fight against the navy seal commandos and beat the opponent special ops force in the last battleground for survival. Set your own rules of your survival. At the start of the game you are the last victim of the army helicopter crashed on the island which is covered by the heavy snow. Any further step might costly in the elite bombarded battlefield area! Destroy enemies army camps with ultimate shooting and fight with your own rules in the battlefield. After the fight in huge desert it’s sudden climate change so start epic battleground survival shooter game with best tactical and shooting skills of free action games. Last Elite Battleground: Survival is based on elite battleground survival. Fire force enemy attacks are equipped by ferocious and explosive weapons.

All you should do is ultimate planning with stealth and slyness in this free super military action game in the elite battlefield. Bury your foes in the unknown snow of island and sand of desert. Face the dozens of enemies in the battlefield and be the last military hero standing the battleground. Attack and show your fury they are ready for the strike but before they make a move, let’s fight for the survival as you know the rules of how to survive in a war. You are required to utilize a combination of specialized training, equipment, and tactics in completion of special operation mission around the snow island. This is a war and survival game against enemy army, so pick up your arms to defeat them. In the intense missions of battle the enemies will attack with latest sniper rifle, gun, hand grenade and other smart shooting guns so take your accurate position to eliminate them. Fight like a legend and die like a hero in the last elite battleground survival.

Rules of your last elite survival in the battlefield is here with action and war missions in Last Elite Battleground: Survival. Your ultimate task is to protect your country and fellow without any seals officer commando soldiers. Just lead yourself alone make strategies on the island in the combat against the ruthless enemy forces. You are expected to defend the frontier at all cost in fast action game in the unlimited battlefield. This is call of the modern way of war. Counter enemies in the huge battlefield, hide yourself in safe places then target their camps and survive at any cost because your survivor is everything. Your survival depends on your accurate aiming and shooting skills in all fight missions of the war. Time to fight just like heroes in war with calculatingly moves from height or by crawl on heavy snow to make survival on the elite battleground. Upgrade your arsenal as your progress with your missions in battlefield. So show dominance to the world as a legendary last army man in this intense war.

Features in Last Elite Battleground Survival:

• Make your own strategy of survival to compete against rivals.
• Life threatening enemy attacks & call of the world modern war.
• Marvelous & thrilling sound effects with challenging missions.
• War in extreme conditions & use several powerful & modern weapons.
• Super military havoc in battlefield, epic sniper & adventure 3d war missions.
• Eliminate opponents for last elite survival in the battleground.