Monster Hero vs Zombies – Final City Battle

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Cruel creature dead zombies swarming the whole town and making a situation of big city battle. Superhero incredible monster has decided to take a final revenge from dead zombies. This is a final combat between fantastic beasts and super villains. Superhero fighters and legend hero are trying their level best to slaughter zombies as they did massacre in town and killed so many innocent people.
Time to take final revenge as incredible monster hero and face last battle between incredible strange mutant monster city hero and blood thirsty zombie. Play to save the city in final battle with Monster Hero vs Zombies – Final City Battle. The story about final battle with monster bulk hero.

This game is not about prison war where your incredible monster superhero will kill zombies who are trying to break the prison. This is action packed monster city war game. Become a flying monster hero and jump from the high buildings and use your strange powers for quick attack on zombies for instant killing. You will face critical missions which allow you to crush monster and defeat evil defenders. Ultimate fights between monster hero vs zombies for thrill action gameplay. Final revenge incredible monster vs zombies game has multiple combat fighting missions.

Take a control over strange super villains as deadly zombies wants to take control of the city in monster city war simulator. Complete the superhero escape mission! Crush and attack supervillains in the clash of monsters. You are playing as incredible superhero of the city and your mission is to defeat supervillains. This is superhero fighting game with lots of ugly dead fighters have to fight. Start attack and fight against super villains using special supernatural powers to lift and throw cars on zombies for instant kill. Take final revenge in this city battle where you are playing as Monster Hero vs Zombies – Final City Battle.

✦✦✦ Features of Monster Hero vs Zombie ✦✦✦

• Clash of huge monster with blood thirsty zombies.
• Monster superhero with mutant combat powers.
• Surprise attack and perfect killing of dead enemies as monster hero bulk.
• Enjoy astounding action like kicks, punches with strange monster new hero.
• Thrilling sound effects for the fans of monster fight games.

In incredible monster hero vs zombies final battle! be a super hero, use your super mutant strange hero skills to kill zombies in monster escape game. Play as a strange mutant monster hero and save the city from attack of dead zombie. Download now final revenge of Monster Hero vs Zombies – Final City Battle and take up this final war with your monster bulk attack powers.