Multi Gorilla Hero VS Evil Super Villains

  • Gameplay

Enjoy epic battle among the Multi Gorilla Hero vs Evil Super Villains in city for survival of the real apes, kong and gorilla heroes. Amazing fight and city battle scenarios against super villains, aliens and robots. Enjoy an epic gorilla hero battle, choose and collect different heroes, in this fighting game. Gorilla hero vs super villains you need to escape from the warriors and survive the mission for your survival on the island and city of skull. It’s going to be a hard time to escape this island. Now it’s time to start your stealth and villain fights operations to get free from this evil enemy and multi robots villains. Move as invisible as a multi gorilla ghost like a hero and search for weapons to kill the enemy. Make your own league of gorilla superheroes and become true fighter gorilla super hero vs super villains. Other gangster villains like evils and aliens with the robot powers have come in city to destroy the piece and your league of gorilla hero have to save the city in this brutal future battle.

Play Gorilla hero 2018 with all new characters for survival with mighty apes and gorilla superhero against the cruel multi galaxy villains. Take down the ultimate robot and gorilla warfare with fighting and gorilla hero boxing skills. Gorilla apes hero revenge of the universe is back and he has for you another new and fun adventure villain battle game. Let’s indulge you into the realistic Gorilla war hero vs robot villains environment to feel the intense fire shooting at city battleground. Make your own rules of gorilla survival battle. The unknown robot and evils squad has devastated your safe zone so it’s call to take your duty & eliminate each of them. Face newest pack of enemies not used in another gorilla fighting game. Fight like kong superhero city savior in this new fighting hero game in the battlefield arena.

Experience a whole new era of gorilla immortal superhero game play with Multi Gorilla Hero vs Evil Super Villains modification yet still having the same thrill and this time with superhero gorilla fighters. The game is sure enough to satisfy you combat monkey apes kungfu battle arena. There are multiple of fighting and gorilla shooting survival controls on the screen so you can defeat your villain enemy fighter in the city battle with superhero fighting games and conquer as savior the gorilla battle against villains with one punch or shooting one bullet!! The controls allow you to attack, such as jump, punch, defend from enemy and kick the enemy fighter with gorilla shooter powers. Gorilla hero vs super villains from the other galaxy including robot and other warriors will attack together as the brutal league.

Features in Multi Gorilla Hero vs Evil Super Villains:

• Use city arena for ultimate battle between gorilla super hero vs super villains.
• Numerous fighting action missions to accomplish with apes hero survival battle.
• Revenge, thrill & intense battle of multi gorilla hero with other dangerous apes.
• Succeed to the next level & fight against more evil robot enemies to completion of mission.
• Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing stunning environment of war ground.
• Multi kong hero vs robot war for survival of multi apes heroes.