Robot Wolf Attack 2018

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Roam into city streets and use your transformation your robot wolf into huge robot werewolf. Attack on citizens and create massive robot wolf rampage around the town. In this jaw dropping thriller attack and show your vengeance with Robot Wolf Attack 2018. In this robot werewolf city revenge and attack simulator with the fusion of animal robot fighting games, you have to be an vindicate who goes to the city and start attacking with no fear and causing destruction and rampage. This wild robot wolf city attack game has all the features of you would expect from a werewolf simulation smashing walls, Laser attack, and big punch attack with hidden electric wave attack powers for destroying the city. This futuristic transformation game offer you to be a robot wolf and start the most challenging survival mission in the wild city attack against human and dinosaur. You must have played many robot transformation of robot crocodile, and other wild robot animals but this robot wolf attack simulator will be a perfect combo with the twist of robot werewolf.

Turn the city upside down by engaging in battle with other superheroes of city like cops, police and other survival forces. Smash cars and buildings with your multiple robotics attack powers, roam around and kill civilians and dinosaur enemies with your fire attack and fire shoot lightning and laser beams from your immortal and indestructible steel iron body as Robot Wolf Attack 2018. This wolf city attack & rampage will be a super fusion of city survival and werewolf attack. Kill robot crocodile or robot shark and save yourself against attack. Wolf robot will also handle the transforming shark robot. No other action robot game will give you the adrenaline rush of jungle creatures transforming into robots. Use multi robot technique and become a robot wolf or robot werewolf in city attack game.

Features of Robot Wolf Attack 2018:

• Action packed thrilling levels included rampage, attack & transform.
• Iron steel body wolf robot pleasure in city survival & hunting missions.
• Robot animal beast equipped with fire attack, laser beam & many more hidden powers.
• Transformation features to transform robotic wolf to super robot werewolf.
• Best action simulator in the category of animal robot fighting games.
• High Quality 3d Graphics and engaging sound effects with futuristic robot.

Multi robot with incredible transform technology used in animal robot games. Face multiple futuristic combat scenarios against police forces and remember one thing every defender cop of the city is a equipped superhero so be careful during this ultimate rampage. Get best war game of robot and start fight against citizens & dinosaurs. Download now Robot Wolf Attack 2018 and fight like a multi wolf hero.