Scary Clown Attack Destruction Pranks

Halloween is gone leaving behind a legacy of worst nightmarish legacy of dreadful clown! City is under attack and civilians are terrified, running for shelters!
Play a new super creepy revolution in action games. You have been fighting the flesh eating Zombies and super creepy creatures before! Prepare yourself this time from the catastrophic clown city attack. Scare people by killing and hitting humans, animals, city cops and buildings with hammer. But that’s not the worst part yet! The Clown City Attacker is equipped with razor sharp axes, blades and bats to hit people around. On top of that he controls the environment with his possessed evil powers. Leaving you at the mercy of this evil stone cold creepy clown.
Oh wait what??? Under the fierce looking dreadful creepy clown, it’s you getting the hell out of the people upon your sight! Let them scream and shout as soon as they see you approaching them with your crazy tools for killing, hitting and smashing! You may hit anything coming your way including cars, buildings, playgrounds, sign boards, people and create chaos around you to earn points and attain level ups. Unleash all the evil super powers of the clown and get the control of the town.
Do as much distraction as possible while being unspotted by the city police. Run and chase your enemy to hit them hard for maximum crazy adventure! Continue hitting and killing cops, terrified people and creepy creatures in the night to become the Scariest Clown of the Town!
If you ever wanted to become a scary clown other than on Halloween party than this is your chance. Become a Scariest Clown by doing extreme actions. Join the clown reign & become the scariest clown.
The Clown City Attack Features:

• Super Easy and Simple Game Play
• Action Packed Creepy Pranks
• Realistic Clown City Attack Costumes
• Smooth and intuitive controls
• Realistic sounds & visual effects
• 3D city environment
• Addictive gameplay with thrilling challenges
So, enjoy the creepiest and scariest clown city attack missions in this game. So what are you waiting
for? Download the “Clown City Attack” 3D Action Game and enjoy the experience of real city
adventures. Download the game NOW and start attacking city to claim your reign in the city!