Super Flash Hero vs Multi Super Villains

Play this fighting flash superhero game and be the warrior in the city like multi light speed super hero against the super villains! Super Flash Hero vs Multi Super Villains is all about ultimate mutant warriors city battle with lots of fighting action in 3D open world city. Prove yourself as a true superhero and start futuristic lightning war against enemies. Fight with the help of your laser guided missiles as the super legend flash hero. In this flying flash hero rescue mission game join the city battle which has been turned into a superhuman champion of 2018 superheroes. So get ready to join the mutant battle as a super hero. Choose your blazing battle of the heroes with the help of your grand flash avenger hero against the grand immortal gods. Use your karate, martial arts and kung fu skills in this death battlefield as wild grand flash super hero. Multiple crime fight, city battle and immortal grand war against the super villains and fantastic superhuman enemy in Super Flash Hero vs Multi Super Villains. Face the mutant warriors and immortal gods robot and defuse their supremacy with your lightning powers of multi flash hero.

Kung fu action fighting, punch and super kick attack is well known in this Super Flash Hero game. Mutant city battle has just begun and there is strong need of very effective rescue missions. Play for endless fighting, super combos and kick combat in this RPG super hero fighting game. You are a good soldier and have to instant kill all criminals in super flash hero vs city gangsters. It’s about futuristic war games where you are going to experience best boxing skills to kung fu super fighting arena. Fight with superhero beast robots and other alien powered superhuman. You have hidden power, you can be a grand flying hero aka flying flash hero at the time of survival and rescue. This is not about boxing games but you may use your punch attack powers which normally use in other boxing games 2018 3d. Fight against other superheroes like multi bat hero other heroes but beware from city police.

In Super Flash Hero you have to use your mysterious and hidden flash hero abilities and attack furiously on villain forces to dominate the city fight. US armed force is occupied during the battle with culprits and criminals so just super flash speed legend can win this immortal city battle. Super flash firing with the help of laser missile will destroy everything with blaze fire. Fast action fight against multi bat hero and the city police. You are alone a battling, lightning and flying force in the survival city with light speed legend hero. Kill other flying superhuman aliens, robots beasts and legend culprits. The present light fictional hero which has been offers to the player in fighting games enables him to go through this battle of ring fighting games with the help of martial arts. Grand flash flying hero ring battle arena is all about grand immortal gods.

Features in Super Flash Hero vs Multi Super Villains:

β€’ Magical superpower with kung fu super action fighting style as super light speed hero.
β€’ Use your sharp super flash speed light as your secret weapon in city battle & rescue.
β€’ Endless fighting, combo attacks & flying flash hero powers.
β€’ Unknown survival on the big city battlegrounds.
β€’ Multi flash speed hero attack powers & multi hero tactics.
β€’ Amazing physics of super flash speed superhero.