Super Panther Hero vs Vegas Immortal Gangsters

There is destruction and rampage around the Vegas crime town by city mafia, immortal evil group of gangster, robbers and drug dealers. They need a superhero for rescue and you need to be a panther flying hero for city survival. The super panther hero with the aim of city rescue is here. The police department of the survival city of New York is completely failed to control the sudden increase in the criminal activities. Start fighting against criminals as flying panther warrior with the help of swords, punch and power kick attack. Panther superhero vs supervillains will be engaged you in epic versus crime city fighting with mutant ninja panther against Vegas terrorist and evils of vice crime city. In this Super Panther Hero vs Vegas Immortal Gangsters! your Super Panther Flying Hero is referred as real fighting warrior for city survival with the extra skills of panther ninja hero.

Play as panther flying hero city survival and fly around the crime city, start fighting against the criminals as mutant ninja crime hero with panther hero fighting. The superhero city avenger is here in the survival city to rescue the citizens. You have to win the immortal superhero battle and complete the rescue missions in the city. Panther superhero games were never been so futuristic. Expertly utilize your mutant heroes powers or highly damaging mutant superheroes skills because you are avenger and have well known flying panther abilities which should be used in futuristic city as panther super hero vs supervillains.

The super panther flying hero can fly around the futuristic city and has to rescue city people. The terrorist, city mafia and criminals are ready to fight against the every panther superhero move! Ninja panther is called for superhero immortal battle & survival missions the eminent panther superhero or super flying panther crime simulator has to rise up against mad city mafia along with criminal fighters and accomplish crime city survival & rescue mission for futuristic city of New York.

Features of Super Panther Hero Crime Battle:

• Real superhero sword effects with quick flying movement around the crime city.
• Amazing city survival missions with melee combat against city mafia & criminals.
• Be a flying panther ninja hero avenger fighter & win the city battle.
• Rescue people, win immortal god crime battle, as a panther super hero survivor of the city.
• Quick flying movement & street fighting with vibrant 3D graphics.
• Realistic panther superhero crime simulator animations with superhero fighting immortal battle.

Time to save the city and eliminate the crime out of the vice town! our panther superhero prison escape survival is coming soon. Start fighting against bad gangs and drug dealers as ninja panther fighter. Download now Super Panther Hero vs Vegas Immortal Gangsters and become a real flying hero in emergency situations.