Super Tiger City Attack

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Angry tiger is on the loose and baffled the whole crazy town in this super tiger city attack sim. Hunt in the streets trampled down the fantasy city with tiger fighting games. This is biggest wild tiger revenge 2017. You must have played lion city attack or angry lion town attack games but this super tiger revenge is special human warfare against the wild beast. Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious tiger and hunt ruthlessly within your sight. You are made to slay your victim and rule over the city in tiger survival simulator. You are ready to attack your prey whether it’s human or animal. Play this finest wild cheetah survival simulator with the twist of Super Tiger City Attack the story of wild tiger attack in city.

Release your ancient perception and show your wild side! In this game! You will play and get control of a furious angry tiger that pounces and attacks its prey. After the tiger jungle survival now this wild animal will attack in city for hunger. Time to forget arctic tiger games or white tiger sim games. This city is full of dangers because angry beast tiger is ready for revenge in this tiger fighting game. But if you feel lonely just create a family and want to hunt down prey for their food! Fight alone because you don’t have the clan of deadly tigers like a forest. It’s not about lion vs tiger with the wild adventure in the vast African jungle. This ultimate tiger 3d simulator is made for the lovers who want to play tiger attack in city.

✩✩✩ Features of Angry Tiger Attack 3D ✩✩✩

✳ Smooth controls to make the tiger run and attack furiously.
✳ Keep eye on city police which may shoot & kill you instantly.
✳ Attack humans & their animals in this ultimate tiger game.
✳ Realistic tiger animations & thrilling background sounds.
✳ Action-packed thrilling gameplay & HD graphics with ultimate white tiger.

This wild animal tiger city attack is a complete package for those who love animal hunting, animals shooting and capturing wild animal alive and similar simulator games. Download Super Tiger City Attack and start the ultimate tiger fighting simulator thrill which is unmatched in other wild tiger jungle hunt games.