US President Security Super Hero Multiplayers

Grand city police is unable to control the sudden attack from robot super villains and evil gangs. Combo superheroes or Super hero immortal Gods will provide security to US president in the fusion of president security games. In US President Security: Super Hero Multiplayers your favorite super hero will play as secret agent, Save Mr. president from attack of robot enemies in airplane hijack, President House invading and many more president security missions. The speaker of the president house gave superheroes secret service agency rescue mission of the decade. Combo hero included super ant hero, incredible monster, Captain USA and the real legendary iconic fiction hero Iron superhero. Give safety instruction of USA president to each super hero on different sensitive locations where this evil mafia can attack. In president security games, be alert for sudden battle from these super villains because they want future war against the peaceful nation and you have to become a super security hero in survival city.

Protect US president at any cost in US President Security simulator game. After the attack from robot terrorist mafia start rescue mission is all about escaping hostage and taking down the extreme evil terrorist groups in this security secret agent game. Search for the USA president around the infected area or locked inside office near airplane pilot cockpit in president airplane hijack missions. Fight hand to hand combat with enemies and use melee attack to knock down super villains, robot evil gangs and hijackers. Save president’s limo duty driver and take care of presidential helicopter and presidential airplane. Play as super captain USA or super iron survival hero and take responsibility to provide extreme heroic security to president of United States. Keep in mind president survival is much important for each superhero in the counter and harsh attack of terrorist gang.

Be a strange super hero and fight like US special forces commando with immortal superheroes multi players US President Security. Stay in shadow keep your cover and save lives as secret service spy hero agent. Play as super hero agent and complete the impossible missions. Start head to head battle and melee combat missions as security hero. The debate area, city port and airport ground staff is prepared for the worst scenario, the paramedic staff, and fire brigade truck on high alert to save the USA president. Situation is out of control and unknown heroes are last hope in this final battleground. Fight as warrior and protect like superhero should be your objective.

Features in US President Security: Super Hero Multiplayers:

• Multi Players Super hero immortal Gods to choose from like super iron, incredible monster, captain USA & Ant hero.
• Challenging combat missions to save your USA president with combo super hero selection.
• Thrilling & challenging fighting missions as warrior against mafia evils, robots & aliens.
• Give security & rescue president should be your supreme priority.
• Beware from hijackers, enemy shooters & terrorist rivals of the nation.
• Be a Super hero president security secret agent in president security games.
• Make the president survival counter attack of terrorist.