Virtual Maid Family Game

Virtual Maid Family game is a realistic virtual family simulator based on daily activities of virtual housemaid or maidservant. Virtual mom has come after busy day at job and feeling tired, serve her a glass of water. Virtual maid is all about micromanagement and daily routine activities. In this 3D happy family simulation game start your duty from kitchen and wash all dirty dishes in limited time. This multitasking family fun is real treat for the lovers of virtual mom games. Perform your duty as virtual babysitter and take care of baby during the absence of mommy and virtual dad. This simulation is fusion of virtual games where u can have kids and get married. The life of maid is hard so be ready to take up the adventure challenge with Virtual Maid: Family Game! This is a real happy family fun for family mommy and virtual dad fans.

The house is full of mess and flooring needs to be done and super family is waiting for food. Little growing brother and sister created lots of mess! You need to clean the dirt and then go to the garden for taking care of plants in this virtual family simulator. So be ready for multiple virtual duties like cleaning messy house, the kitchen also clean the living room, cook delicious foods for family and serve. After eating start dish washing, clothes ironing & folding and look after the baby just like virtual babysitter. Go to the market and buy some grocery items. Housekeeper or housemaid is very tough job and this virtual maid family game is just about daily routine working of a maidservant. Virtual brother and sister are getting late! Drop them at the school bus but before this! Cook lunch/food for them because you have experience as a high school girl.

Features of Virtual Maid Happy Family Fun 3D:

βœ“ Amazing sounds & high quality 3d graphics with HD gameplay.
βœ“ Multiple fun filled time based tasks with virtual reality family games.
βœ“ Cooking, Cleaning washing, gardening & babysitting challenges in virtual maid simulator.
βœ“ Perform all tasks in limited given time as virtual maid of super family home.
βœ“ Ultimate family woman life simulation with household tasks.

Step into the shoes of maid’s daily life and start regular routine work at home. It’s time to take the role of the super maid and be the maidservant of the day just like virtual super mommy. Download now Virtual Maid: Family Game which is an absolute paramount of virtual family games.