Kids Water Surfer Bike Rider

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Ride your kids sports bike on the beach or on surface of the water with Kids Water Surfer Bike Rider. Water bike racing with extreme surfing and riding on the city beach and underwater like real floating bike. Drive your powerful motorcycle and perform some water stunts. Kids! riding bike on the beach is ultimate fun but surfing on water with your favorite bike has more thrill ride. Become a water surfer rider with your kids bike and win water surfing race challenge! Make your bike a water boat or jet ski boat and start water bike racing. Drive carefully on treacherous paths of the beach and on the water like water car driving games. Compete against the deadly hurdles and become the skilled bike rider and legend of the bike surfing.

You can ride a bike on beach or jump into the ocean your motorbike tires are floating like a boat. Forget water surfer car games and try this kids water surfing racing game. Water surfer bike is fun for kids surfing motorbike riding and racing game. Choose your favorite modified race motorbike and start surfing motorbike race. Collect all the rings and cross deadly obstacles & hurdles to complete the level. Drive or ride your bike on the city beach and surf your bike like a Jet Ski water bike boat on the water surface like real water surfer racing hero.

Drive and cross obstacles challenge with insanely fast water surface. Improve your bike riding skills and ride your moto on the sand of the city sea beach. Kids motocross riding as water surfing driver with high speed bike driving like real jet ski water boat fun. Real water bike race with ultimate adventures for every kid. Ride your jet ski water bike on extreme speed and perform amazing water stunts.

Features of Kids Water Surfer Bike Racing:

✓ Modified floating bike for ultimate water surfing & riding.
✓ Water surfing ride & kids motorcycle physics in water surfer game.
✓ Perform beach stunts with your water surfer dirt bike.
✓ Realistic bike physics and smooth controls.
✓ Addictive gameplay with numbers of jet ski water bikes.

Surfing kid motorbike racer game is specially designed for the lovers of water driving kids. Download Kids Water Surfer Bike Rider for extreme racing and surfing.