Multi Storey Car Transporter Truck

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Do you want to drive massive multi storey car transporter truck with car cargo transport? Play the best car transporter truck games in 3d in our car transporter games 2017 as the best car driver. Enjoy multi storey car parking on a big car carrier truck and act like truck transporter, operate multi level car carrier truck yourself. This is one of the best transport games of truck on a multi storey car transport trailer truck. Take your seat and complete truck transport missions in finest car transporter games 2017. Operate heavy truck simulator in our remarkable car transporter games 2017. Play the best MULTI STOREY CAR TRANSPORTER TRUCK now and enjoy truck driving games.

Play as the real driver & a car transporter and upload your cargo on huge multi storey transport truck. Your transport driver mission has just begun in car cargo transporter driver adventure. Unload your cargo cars carefully on seaport. Your duty begins with driving cars and loading vehicles inside the big transport truck. Operate your own multi storey transporter and enjoy a thrilling ride of heavily loaded cars on multi storey transporter truck. Car transport games 2017 are fun in realistic 3D car cargo transport on multistory transport truck. It’s time to show your perfect driving skills while driving a heavy duty transporter on city roads with load of car cargo. In this newest truck transporter simulator you get to drive around with a real 3d car carrying trailer truck which is also famous with the name car hauler and auto transport trailer. Become the carrier truck driver in multi truck games.

Features of Car Cargo Driver Transport Game:

• One of the best multi storey truck simulator game with 20 car cargo missions.
• Drive luxury cars in each level and park them in multi truck.
• Real feel of truck driver with car cargo transport in car transporter games 2017
• Real 3d suburbs city environment with beautiful graphics, vast open world to drive around.
• Transport different vehicles and become cargo transport driver.
• Vibrant game-play and smooth steering wheel controls.

Hit the install button to download best MULTI STOREY CAR TRANSPORTER TRUCK and drive multi storey giant car transporter truck, transport cargo vehicle to the seaport. Drive cars like a pro drive. Great platform to learn the realistic skills of parking and driving cars in car transport games of truck.