Uphill US Transport Sim 3D

It’s time to start multiple transport duty as US Uphill driver where you will get the chance to serve US army heroes, army officers and city people. Become the legend transporter hero of deadly uphill offroad paths in an amazing adventure and let no other take your position. Your Armed force war Truck 2017 is genuine war based, carrying equipment and army jeeps perform obligation of prepared armed force trooper. up close and personal armed force war in combat zone, Show your skills of driving to finish war zones stunning missions. Keep ahead your nation, transport jeeps, tanks and war heads safe on your armed force base rapidly with Uphill US Transport Sim.

Uphill US Transport Simulator, you have to be an offroad transport hero of US army by driving and transport army cargo and vehicles on offroad paths and through mountains in hill city. Army commando Heroes have given you contract to deliver super army jeeps and cargo on heavy trailer truck to army base. So buckle up and become a real US transport legend of uphill mountains. You have opportunity in US helicopter flying missions where US army cargo is loaded and you have to take US army cargo on helicopter to army base. Drive carefully your huge heavy trailer truck and army helicopter. As this is the real test of your driving and flying duty on rugged uphill tracks.

Buckle up! Start your duty for offroad army transport and be a transport legend hero. Keep balance of army truck and on uphill offroad mountain driving and become armed force load transporter driver. Keep distance from any collides with your ride. Start your engine as transport driver of US military truck and play the most wanted army transportation simulator of 2017. You will have the taste of fly army helicopter; drive army jeeps will uphill transportation simulation skills.

Features in Uphill US Transport Sim 3D 2017:

– Realistic driving and offroad transport sim of 2017.
– Play as army pilot and feel the thrill of helicopter flying.
– Challenging Army cargo transport levels.
– High quality 3D graphics in hill climb offroad transporter.
– Transport wide range of jeeps and military relief cargo on offroad steep paths.

Army transport truck 2017 simulator has multiple thrill mountain drive missions of army transport sim, truck driving and flying helicopter. So start your adventure ride now with Uphill US Transport Sim 3D 2017.