Komodo Dragon Lizard Rampage

Welcome to the fantasy land where reptile animals like deadly Komodo Dragon big Lizard crawl from jungle to 3d village for hunger and survival. The most fearless predators vicious komodo dragon is hungry and on rampage with 3D komodo dragon lizard simulator. Attack and take revenge on humans, animals! Creeping like insidious enemy and go-ahead for its next prey with huge deadly reptile lizard simulator.

In komodo dragon games, crawl your way through the forest to the fantasy city land, chase and feed on like animal hunter and humans, fight against other predators for survival. Play as komodo dragon lizard! Create chaos, rampage and destruction and attack brutally with this komodo dragon simulator. This venomous and vicious creature should not be underestimated by any human or animal! It is a real animal hunter dragon simulator game with the twist of chaos and rampage in rainforest and city. Enjoy animal hunting with KOMODO DRAGON LIZARD RAMPAGE! Ultimate blend of chaos games.

This gigantic lizard aka komodo dragon always can smell or threat of an unknown presence then they might awfully dangerous. The bravery shows that komodo dragon attack and hunt every target and other reptiles. Animal hunting, fighting and attack are its favorite for hunger in komodo dragon games. You need to become a deadly Komodo Dragon who is looking to slay its prey and victims. Crawl your way through from rainforest and stalk out your prey in lizard simulator games and wilder animal hunter simulator. It’s time to use your smartness, stealth and animal hunting power vigilantly. Strike and attack silently with your lethal venom to paralyze your prey for a moment and later kill with deadly toxic bite.

Be aware from humans who are looking to hunt you with shooting guns. Animal hunting with multiple jungle animals like duck, chicken, deer, sheep for hunger and attack on other animals like crocodile, horse, boar for survival. Hunting jungle animals can be dangerous so attack brutally in komodo dragon games with the blend of chaos games. You are just a download away from this komodo dragon lizard hunting simulator or dragon fighting games in 3D.

Features of Wilder Animal Hunter Simulator

❊ Realistic komodo dragon animations with awesome graphics.
❊ Giant lizard simulator with human & animal hunting experience.
❊ Combination of chaos games with 15 deadly rampage missions.
❊ Customize your dragon with different textures by making more scores.
❊ Superb new animal simulator game with dragon fighting games in 3D.